Covid-19 Information

To all our current and future patients,

We want to assure you that we are going above and beyond in our efforts to make our office safe and comfortable for you. Our number one priority is the safety of our patients, staff, and dentists. Dental offices have always been required to be very stringent when it comes to infection control, but we have implemented methods to exceed every requirement/recommendation by OSHA, the CDC, the State Dental Board, and other agencies. Here is what you can expect to see when you come for an appointment:

-Prior to your appointment, you will be screened on the phone when your appointment is confirmed, and again when you arrive to ensure you have no risk factors that would prevent you from safely seeing us.

-We have acrylic barriers at the reception area (similar to what you may have seen at your supermarket). Your temperature will also be taken at reception using a touch-less, infrared thermometer. All staff will have their temperature every morning as well.

-You will notice very few, or no patients in the waiting room when you arrive. Strict social distancing guidelines will be in place, and everybody must wear a mask the entire time they are in the office, except when they are receiving dental treatment. We are spacing out our patients as much as possible. We ask if possible, you come alone. Exceptions will be for young children (for older children we ask you check them in and wait in your car) and those patients that need assistance in getting around.

-You will notice all magazines, pamphlets, coloring books, and anything else that can easily pass germs around have been removed from office. To fill out any paperwork, we will give you a golf pencil that you can keep or discard.

-We have installed medical grade air purifiers in the waiting/reception areas, as well as in each dental and hygiene operatory. As always, each operatory is scrubbed down after each patient, but we are now allowing extra time before utilizing it for the next patient.

-We will have all of our staff in full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), exceeding what is being required by federal and state agencies.

-We have installed new high-capacity suction systems in all of our hygiene rooms

We know this can be a scary time, but wanted to ensure you that we are committed to making your time in our office safe and comfortable.

Stay Safe!

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